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“A heart decision led Rebekah to follow the men Abraham had sent to bring her to Isaac. A heart decision brings about God’s idea.” (Genesis 24:58)

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Our Story

At God’s appointed time, the Holy Spirit always leads us to a place of decision. Because the Psalmist made a heart decision, he had the peace of heart that nothing could destroy
(Psalm 91:14).

Great thoughts bring about great decisions. A decision born of God can make one God’s beloved.


Have you ever thought about who is the principal character in your story? It was God who brought us to Prophet TB Joshua; it was God who took him home after he finished his assignment on earth and it is God who allowed us to be where we are at this moment.

In our unimaginable story, the principal character can only be God, who leveled all the mountains before us.

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Instead of wishing to write our own story, we have learned to simply rest in God’s love, wisdom, and power. For He is the Unseen Hand, the Divine Driver of our life and

(Ecclesiastes 3:11).

Prophet TB Joshua, our mentor always said that there is God’s appointed time for everything that concerns us;

That when it is time for God’s purpose to be fulfilled in our lives, there will be a driving force that will change our actions and location, a driving force we cannot resist.

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It was this driving force that brought us individually to Prophet TB Joshua all those years ago, a driving force that kept us with him through every trial, every test, every temptation, and the same driving force that is with us now, releasing us into our divine future.

What can we call this driving force? The Higher Hand of God? Destiny? God’s will, promise and time? God’s processing? It takes a reflective heart to perceive the answer. God’s will settles in our hearts at the point of conviction.  As the Bible says, the motives of each heart are weighed by the Lord
(Proverbs 16:2).

He alone holds our hearts in His hands and He is the Governor of our future.

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We are Christians by revelation. Revelation, love and unity of purpose have brought us together to fulfil mutual destiny in God.
Thank you for your love and prayers as we enter this new chapter in our story.”

Racine & Ruth

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Our Message

We have learned a big lesson:

God’s kind of love is not reasonable;
it springs spontaneously,
from the true fountain of love,
the human heart.

Life never completely closes the door to opportunity.
Nothing is too late or impossible as far as God is involved.
Love of heart has no colour.
Love of heart has no age.
Love of heart has no mindset.
It has no prejudice.
Love does not discriminate.
Earthly love will never bypass reason before decision
But love from the heart sees beyond reason

It only follows one path: the peace of heart from Christ

Our common faith in Jesus Christ and the peace of the Holy Spirit has sealed our union for mutual destiny. 
Our unity of purpose is to serve our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ with the union, love and grace of the Holy Spirit.

The Wedding
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You can reach out through this form

Thank you for reaching out, we value your good thoughts. God bless you. Racine and Ruth.

This is our official announcement that we are getting married for God’s purpose for our lives.

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